Soil Association Organic Farm

Blacklake Farm meat comes exclusively from animals bred, reared and finished on the farm.  It is important to us that every step in the process of breeding and rearing our stock is done on the farm under our control and management. 

Traditional breeds, like the ones found at Blacklake Farm,  do not suit modern farming and food retail systems which demand maximum yield from the carcass, fast weight gain and virtually no fat content.  Together with virtually zero hanging times in order to maximise throughput, this adds up to a commercial proposition which in our view has little or nothing to do with the production of high quality food with real flavour and good texture. 

The traditional breeds tend to mature more slowly, laying down a balanced mix of meat and fat without which it is impossible to produce meat with flavour.

We passionately believe that food should be about feeding the soul as well as the body.  The Devon Red Cow is one of the best beef breeds in the world.  Dorset Down Lamb is sweet and delicately flavoured, and Gloucester Old Spot Pork from pigs who have lived a normal, healthy life is frankly a completely different product from the pork available in most retail outlets.

Farming organically to Soil Association standards means you can rest assured that our produce is 100% naturally reared and grown.  Animal welfare is paramount.  Absolutely NO pesticides, herbicides, or growth promoters ever come near our land or animals.  No chemical food additives or dyes are applied to our meat. 

Dorset Down Sheep

Clara the Devon Red

Devon Red Cows and Calves