Blacklake Farm is a good example of a traditional Devon farm.  It is owned and farmed by Catherine and Nick Broomfield. Set on the upper slopes of East Hill, 5 miles from the coast at Sidmouth, the farmland is varied; a mix of permanent old pasture, deciduous woodland and old apple orchards. The lie of the land is gently undulating interrupted by several steep sided, deep valleys called Goyles. A beautiful place indeed, deserving of the most sympathetic management and stewardship. 

The farm is certified organic with the Soil Association, and much of the land has been managed under a ten year Countryside Stewardship Agreement ensuring the conservation of natural plant and wildlife habitats such as ancient hedgerows, woodland, and uncultivated field margins. We think farming is about working with nature not against it.  A large part of our farming calender is spent on conservation work which we find hugely rewarding and beneficial to the farm itself. 

The farm animals are all traditional, native breeds.  Apart from our enjoyment of these characteristic animals, there are good practical reasons for their selection.  Being indigenous to the area they are well suited to the land, and the land to them.  They are hardy good doers.  Our “Red Rubies” and Dorset Sheep thrive on the old pasture of Blacklake Farm, needing only our own hay or silage in the winter.  Our traditional British breed of pigs are free-range and do well rooting around in the corners of our orchard, or cultivating a piece of rough ground, fertilising as they go. 

The Old Cider Barn

Happy Hens

The Blacklake Devon Red Herd