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Special Offers - Seasonal Highlights

We are currently offering a 20% discount on bookings when only 2 people will be staying at The Hay House.

There is always something seasonal going on at Blacklake Farm which makes a farm holiday here extra special.

In January and February we lamb our flock of Dorset Downs in the old four bay barn across from the Hay House.  You can look out of your window and see the ewes and lambs in the nursery.  We are always happy to show you the newborns and let the children hold the lambs or help with the odd bottle feeding. 

Prices for the Hay House are lowest in January and February but its one of the best times to come to the farm. 

In October the apples in our three old orchards are ripe and ready to harvest.  We don’t operate the orchards on a commercial basis any more, even though the farm used to supply many local hostelries with cider.  There is nothing nicer on a fine Autumn day than to spend it in the Orchards collecting apples.  We make apple juice from our desert apples and a bit of cider from the cider apples. Come and pick the apples – its great stress management.  We’ll send you some bottles of juice or cider when its made.  Mother Nature kindly synchronises the blackberry season with the apple harvest.  We have a few very good Bramleys in the orchard so you’ll be welcome to harvest your own ingredients for Blackberry and Apple Pie! 

East Devon is lovely in October – everything open, no crowds, great Autumn colour and the Hay House is only £505.00 for the week. 

New Born Lambs

View from the Orchard

Farm in early Spring